There is something about drums…

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2011 31Anyone who thinks that those with severe dementia are beyond reach should come to our drum circle.

The Ladies of Assisted Living arrive slowly—first Terri and Mom—then Flora, Gloria, Phyllis and Kathleen.  Each has a choice of drums, shakers, maracas and a xylophone.  Terry asked for a drum that would make a high tone.  Mom played both drums and xylophone.  Flora chose to use the maraca as a drumstick – loving the sound.  Gloria amazed us all with a verse of “You Are My Sunshine” that none of us had ever heard before.  And Phyllis and Kathleen just grooved on.

Bur the Stunner was Pat.   Now Pat can be a hard case—aloof, often confused, seemingly angry, certainly impatient—definitely not a joiner.  A Dowager Empress comes to mind…

But there was something about the drums that drew her.  She approached the table—in a quarrelsome mood to be sure—but, for the first time in anyone’s memory, she joined in.   At first just tapping her hand; then taking a drumstick and beginning to drum, then sitting down—committing fully both to the drums and the group.

The staff was amazed.  “This is astonishing. This never happens.  You are taking pictures of this aren’t you?”

She’s still here—just needed the drums to let her out.



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