Previous Exhibitions

The Artist Within 2016-2017

Surprising, delightful and inspiring art by vibrant people, 60-101, living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias.  This extraordinary artwork is a revelation, opening hearts and minds to a different way of thinking about dementia, enabling us to see that people living with dementia are still here, living with dignity, creativity and joy. This exhibit toured to 5 locations over a 24-month period, showing to over 40,000 people.

Appeared at the University of Washington School of Social Work, the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle City Hall, Harborview Medical Center, and Mirabella Seattle.


Janet Atherton, John Bakke, Dennis Black, Don Brown, Verna Brown, Violette Carlson, Leslie Chan, John Cooley, Shirley Coulson, Joan Dolan, Louise Edmunds, Jane Eggers, Kate Fritsch, Roger Harnden, Suzanne Gardon, Larry Hill, Jenny Hover, Carrie Jefferson, H. David Jones, Keith Kelly, Gloria Kinney, Jane Kippenhan, Cynthia Korg, Pat Kristoferson, Hope Lawrence, Lenny Larsen, Lorraine McLain, Phyllis Mines, Joanne Mitchell, Jim Mulligan, Terrie Natsuhara, Steve Olsen, Jean McFee Raichle, Bessie Robinson, Dorothy Sale. Neil C. Schoen, Ph.D, Frank Stone, Marianna Young Sullivan, Mike Todd, Diane Lamb Wanucha, and Mary White

Exhibition Gallery

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