Why I walk

Throughout September, 2013.7.16 paintingpeople are walking for the cure to end Alzheimer’s disease.

In my family Alzheimer’s is pretty much a tradition.  Nearly everyone on my father’s side developed the disease in their 80’s and most in my generation expect to follow them.   Mom – unlike most in her family – has an advanced case of dementia.

But I must tell you – when I see my Mom, I don’t see a victim.  I don’t see someone who suffers from dementia – I see a vibrant woman who LIVES with it, with delight and vitality.

So I walk for hope:

To those who have gone before – to those currently grappling with the disease and to those who will follow – our children and grandchildren, I promise:

To work for the cure – for the awareness and the funding that will fuel the research that will end this disease.

To dedicate myself every day to one simple truth – that people with Alz.and dementia are still here – still valuable members of our families and our communities.

To work every day to support those with AD and the people who love and care for them with the resources and opportunities to live active lives with dignity, discovery and joy.

Together we can and will work miracles.




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