Everybody sing!

Mother sings all the time—walking around Assisted Living, sitting in her room, greeting everyone on the floor. Until today though, I hadn’t realized how thoroughly Mom’s routine has permeated the rhythm of life in Assisted Living.

Mom and I entered the elevator to find four of her care-givers. They all immediately burst into Mom’s song. Laughing, “Your mother is always smiling.”

We walked down the hall singing one of Mom’s standards—“Winter Wonderland.” The staff joins us as we progress down the hall—harmony in relay.

We meet more in the corridor for “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning.”

We return to her room—humming.

At night, Mom prowls the halls—singing and smiling.

The night staff joins her.

{The model for this painting—the branches of a tree past bloom. Mom breathes new life into them.}2014.5.20


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