A Happy Hand

2013.4.30.2I was going to write about something completely different…

Mom had her annual review last week.  And the theme was her gradual but unmistakable fading.  Less able to engage in conversation – less able to comprehend what is going on around her – less impulse control.

But today I spent the afternoon with her and found the sunny, cheerful woman I adore.  We chatted; we sang; we played Scrabble; we looked at the view and Mom reminisced about her childhood.  So what if she if fading? It’s to be expected.  She is 94½ and has dementia.  What is important is that she takes pleasure in every single moment.  She illuminates my life.

And then the coolest thing happened.  It has become my custom to give a gentle neck rub to each of the ladies as they sit down for the painting class.   Jane, in particular, loves this.   As I finished I heard her say, “Oh, you have such a happy hand.”

I think that’s the nicest compliment I’ve had in months.


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