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A comic named Sue

She wanted her mother to laugh.  The she found a comic named Sue. Dani wanted her mother Muriel to laugh.  She had watched her becoming more and more bored and disengaged from life around her.  And then she found Sue, a comic who wanted to work with seniors.  And with patience and genuine good humor,… Continue reading A comic named Sue

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Staying connected

Recently I had had some disturbing conversations with some very good friends.  They were discussing their discomfort with a mother or father experiencing dementia. Equally disturbing, I was unable to give them comfort or hope and if not hope, at least a reason to continue to try. Her mind is gone There is no one… Continue reading Staying connected

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The Best Advice for the Holidays

As we approach the holidays, more and more of us will be attending family gatherings. Some of us will be absolutely flummoxed as to how to communicate with friends and family with Alzheimer’s and dementia. So I’d like to pass on the best advice I’ve heard in a long time from Dottie DeMarco in Bob… Continue reading The Best Advice for the Holidays