Relaxing at assisted living
Alzheimer's & Dementia, Thoughts

A relaxing, joyful visit to Assisted Living

When I am stressed, overworked and beset by deadlines of every kind, I head to Assisted Living and the comfort of real time.

This tends to confound my friends who think that such a visit would only add to my stress, but I find it to be not only peaceful and relaxed but one of the few places where my entrance gives rise to unalloyed pleasure…even if they get my name wrong.

I begin the neck massages.

Ah, this feels so good. 

You have strong hands. 

Thank you.        

Do you do this for a living? 

Can you come back tomorrow?

And always I hold in my heart the thrilling responses from two gentle souls who have left us.  Jane, You have such happy hands! And Gloria,  Do you tuck your wings in a handkerchief when you aren’t here?

Are you staying for lunch?

Who could resist?  I sit down for a cup of coffee.  Twenty minutes later I return to work, happy and refreshed.


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