I’m Just Wild About Harry!

Visiting Assisted Living is always fun and relaxing, but it got even better once I met Harry.

I arrive at lunchtime as the ladies are gathering at their table.  Della greets me, “Hello Harriett!”  Then a moment of doubt.  “Are you Harriett?”  I nod with a smile.  I look like Harriet, you see.  So today I am Harriet.

Then I begin the neck massages.  First Della, and then I move around the table, always asking permission and almost always told “Oh, yes, please” with a big smile.  Everyone is having a good time, each eagerly waiting her turn.

One woman, I don’t know her name yet, is very funny.  I ask if I can give her a neck rub. “What?  Well, yeah.” she shrugs dubiously.  After a minute she basically says “Meh,” and waves me away, clearly unimpressed.

I turn to the men’s table, first Jim and then Harry.  He is tentative at first, with short bursts of notes and tones.  The notes get stronger and more rhythmic and a melody emerges.  I can’t see his face, but I am told he is smiling.

His song gets louder and stronger. It soars.  Absolutely glorious.

Everyone in the dining room is rapt with attention.  I find it difficult to stop so intoxicating is his song, but the soup is getting cold.

We all burst into applause.

Everyone is just wild about Harry!