Back in Time

Painting of sand dollars on a blue cloth

From March 20, 2013. Mom is on the eve of her 94th birthday.

A virus has been running through Assisted Living and Mom has been under the weather.  No solid food for two days.

She was very disoriented.  And while she wasn’t sure why I was there, but she was absolutely certain that several people had been in her room this morning—including Dad and her brother Malcolm, both deceased.

I think she was remembering something that happened many years ago .   I kept asking questions and tried, unsuccessfully, to follow her narrative.  We hugged a lot.  At one point she made a very unusual announcement.

“I think I’m going to get married again.”

“Really?” I said.  “Who are you going to marry?”

“Oh, the same person,” she grinned.

Whatever she and Dad had discussed in the morning, it certainly was leaving a lasting impression.

No doubt the confusion will soon lift but I suspect she’d rather stay in the past with Dad.