The Imagination Soars

Most—if not all—of our public and private conversations about Alzheimer’s and other dementias are framed by loss and sadness.  For most of us, it’s more than scary, it’s paralyzing—leaving us totally ill prepared, intellectually and emotionally, to deal with our aging futures.

The visionary Anne Basting reflected, “The ability to access to language may falter, but the imagination can soar.”  In that spirit, our program for 2018 is steeped in the pluses—not in the minuses.

A second art exhibit will build on the success of The Artist Within.  This time featuring six artists living with dementia with more of their work and more about them as creative individuals and members of our community.

The Mural Project will travel east to Yakima.

And I’m determined to find a gallery for Cathy Greenblat’s extraordinary photography exhibit, Love, Love and Laughter, Seeing Dementia Differently, exploring positive dementia care in seven countries.

The Imagination Celebration will be fun, a joyous opportunity for everyone—people living with memory loss, family and friends as well as those of us still on the outside looking in—to share art, music and a wealth of creative arts experiences.

Plus a few more things still in the works…

To celebrate the New Year, here are a few of my all time favorite paintings by creative, vital people living with dementia.

Mom’s Gooseneck Squash

Gloria Kinney’s Pumpkin

Jane Kippenhan’s Yellow Daisies