Food, Glorious Food

The art continues to entrance. Its impact is profound:

• Providing an opportunity to meet people living with dementia first and foremost as artists with something remarkable to share as opposed to a group to be feared or pitied.
• Expanding awareness of the importance of the creative arts to enrich and empower the lives of seniors with memory loss
• Encouraging the availability of dementia friendly arts programs
• Inviting the entire community to celebrate the creativity and imagination of our neighbors living with memory loss

In January we open a one month exhibition at the Art/Not Terminal Gallery at Seattle Center.  It will focus on the recipe booklet, Food for Thought—Cuisine to Nourish your Brain. It features both the recipes and the art that so vividly portrays the main ingredients.

If you’ve seen the booklet, you’ve seen the art. But here are moreabsolutely fabulous!