Are you sure?

Dear Jane,

You were one of my first adopted mothers in Supported Living.  This was the time of my great awakening to the understanding that you and Mom were members of a generous community, remarkable individuals who cared for one another.  I would arrive at the lunch table with Mom and you would greet us with a luminous smile.  I quickly moved from being a visitor to a member of the family.

I’m not quite sure how the ritual of the neck massages began but I’m pretty sure they started with you.  Most likely I was looking for a way to express how happy I was to see you but you loved them so much that soon nearly everyone, except Mom and Ruby, wanted one as well.

Once, amid groans of pleasure, I began singing Heaven, I’m in Heaven.  You joined right in and by the time I finished going around the table, everyone was singing.

Once you said, You have such happy hands.  I love that.

You are also a fabulous artist. Now and throughout your life.


When I told you that your artwork as going to be in an exhibition you were so pleased.  Then hesitation.  Are you sure?  Yes Jane, I said with a smile.  Several seconds went by.  Are you sure?

Orange Lily

She is isn’t painting these days but even now, when I tell her that her art has brought joy to thousands so looks at me with wonder.

Are you sure?

Yes Jane, I am.