Gloria Kinney

Gloria Kinney, one of the dearest, sunniest, emotionally generous souls I have ever known, died last week.

She was one of my adopted mothers in Supported Living—a community of women living with memory loss who supported and cared about one another.

When I visited Mom, I would always give neck massages to the ladies at the lunch table.  Gloria loved them.

“I’m melting,” she would say as she wriggled in her chair.

But as much as she loved them, she loved watching her friend’s enjoyment just as much.

“Don’t say no!” she would tell them.

“Look at her smile,” she would say gleaming with pleasure.”

And she gave me the best compliment I have ever received.

“Do you tuck your wings in a handkerchief when you’re not here?”

I loved her paintings as well.  Filled with whimsy, skill and love of life.  Just like her.

Rest in peace.