Food for Thought

I love this recipe booklet.

My mother Jean inspired me in so many ways.  One of the first was a love of baking and cooking.  Then, at the age of 89 and living with mid-stage Alzheimer’s, she began to paint.  Her paintings were full of life, invention and wit.  They confounded everything I thought and feared about Alzheimer’s.  She opened my eyes and heart to the realization that people living with dementia are STILL HERE—able to live with dignity, creativity and joy.

Now Mom has inspired this recipe booklet—delicious recipes that nourish the brain and help slow the advance of cognitive decline.  Exhilarating art created by vibrant individuals living with dementia.

My thanks to the generosity of the Chefs, the artists and the art programs that foster the creative minds of people living with dementia.

Order information soon!

Bon Appetit!