What is Your Promise?

What is your promise?

First, there is no real reason for this photo except that I love it.  My Uncle Malcolm, Mom and Louise in the 20’s on the farm in White Bluffs.

Second, I am working with two talented men who are helping The Art of Alzheimer’s move forward.  Strategies for visionaries, they call it.

I like it.

And they asked me that question.  Probably the most interesting question I have been asked in years.

I think it’s hope.

I don’t presume to conduct research, treatment programs, find a cure or produce the incredible programs that enable elders and care partners to live productive, meaningful and joyous lives.

What I can do create opportunities that inspire greater knowledge and understanding – that connect all people in appreciation of our common and enduring humanity.

In short, it’s all about love.

I’d love to hear from you – your experiences, ideas and aspirations.