Time to Open My Heart Again

It’s time…

…to open my heart to a new family,’’

In April of 2013, I wrote about Mom’s new family and how they became my new family – Mom, Evelyn, Ruby, Kathleen, Phyllis, Flora, Jane, Sue, Joyce and Janet. They really did enrich my life, my heart and make me a better, more caring, more patient, a more loving person.

And each year since, the circle has narrowed,  First Mom, then Evelyn, Flora, Ruby, Kathleen and most recently Jane. Still with us –fading, but vital, loving and glorious – Gloria, Jane, Sue, Phyllis and Joyce.

I love these women but it’s time to open the circle.

All right, I don’t know everyone’s names yet.  As with Flora in 2013,  I will need their patience.

It starts with touch…

“He won’t talk but trust me, he will want this…”  I begin the massage through his heavy jacket and he begins to sing. As long as I touch him, he sings, stronger and stronger.  We smile.  There is recognition and love.  Oh, how happy this is.

I greet Marilyn,  “Hello Marilyn,” she smiles.  We enjoy this…our routine.

I talk to Joyce.,  I used to ask about Gus, her small stuffed animal and constant companion.  He hasn’t been around for some time.

“Who?”  she asks.  “I’ll ask my mother.”  I back off immediately.

I greet Phyllis.  As always, she smiles.  I think she’s happy.  I am. We hug.

Gloria, who has the most infectious and irrepressible smile and who absolutely loves neck massages – not just for her her but for everyone – cheers us on. “Look at her smile.”  Don’t say no!”

So many people to meet – so many people to love.  So much to look forward to.

Happy days.