Muscle Memory

Mom loved to play the piano.

She played for holiday gatherings, birthdays, and neighborhood events.  She gamely tried to teach my older sisters and brother, with my sister Jeanne her only success. The best I managed was to pick out the first few bars of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen with my right hand.  She gave up after that until my younger brother Don showed not only interest but talent.  What a pleasure that must have been – for both of them.

But mainly she just loved the sheer thrill of it and at the end of a long, long day she would go to the piano and play.

She had a vast repertoire.  Some she knew by heart and some by sight which she played from the many song books that filled the piano bench.

Over time, she remembered fewer songs and while she could still read music, she preferred her own special medley.  It began with Silent Night and then, at precisely the same moment each time, morphed into Polly Waddle Doodle.