The Mind Diet

Our speaker series began on May 23rd with Michael Reagan and he was, by turns charming, insightful, honest and moving.   Kind of a wonderful reminder that dementia is not a Republican or Democratic issue.  It’s a very human issue that affects us all.  It was heartening and for many of us in this very blue city, surprising, to realize that when it comes to Alzheimer’s and dementia, we are all on the same page.

In June we turn to food, with Chef Madison Cowan and Seattle’s own Chef Thierry Rauturau (Loulay Kitchen and Bar, Luc and the legendary Rover’s).  For the foodies out there, Chef Cowan is the first ever Grand Champion of Food Network’s Chopped, a passionate champion for the Alzheimer’s Association and pioneering advocate for the Mind Diet and the power of healthy eating to slow the advance of cognitive decline.

Photo of Chef Madison taken at Ocean Grill in NYC

We will hear from both on June 14th.   Come to the VIP Chefs Reception and there will be cake!

Be there or be square.

Tickets at www.theartofalzheimer’

And as long as we’re talking about food, here is an extraordinary painting of apples by Suzanne Gardon.