Blast from the Past

It’s amazing to look back at some of my old posts.  I’m so grateful I recorded my life with Mom in real time.  I would never have remembered all the delightful things she said and did.  The is from 6/5/13.  Mom was 94.

Mom and I have such fun together.  Today was one of those perfect Seattle days—sunny and warm—with Mount Rainier out of the clouds.   As we looked out at the city, she wondered, as she always does, “What do you think it will be like in 50 years?  I don’t think I’ll be here.”    She talked about visiting her grandmother in the 1920’s and how her grandmother asked the same question.  Then we launched into an interesting medley of song:  I’m going to Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair (my idea) and the Valkyrie theme from Wagner (hers.)  Where did that come from?   When we got to the class I searched through all the paintings from previous classes but couldn’t find Mom’s.   Finally Sandy, smiling, motioned to the wall where Mom’s painting was displayed.  “We’re hoping you’ll let us keep it up there for a week.”   (I usually whisk them away.)  It’s absolutely charming.  And yes, it stayed up there for a week for everyone to enjoy.