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Gene 2

I promise.  Tickets will soon, very soon, be on sale for ALZHEIMER’S TALKS—Perspectives and personal stories from Noteworthy Sources.  This series of four fascinating conversations will open our hearts and minds to a new way of thinking about dementiaone that overcomes fear and stigma to find hope, connection, purpose and courage.

We are delighted to welcome Michael Reagan, Chef Madison Cowan and Gene Tagaban to this inaugural series and there is just one last speaker to confirm.  She will enthrall you…

TICKETS: You will have a choice of purchasing single tickets for $35 each or a 4 show package for $100, a nearly 30% discount over the single ticket price.  Full details and links to purchase to follow…imminently.

One update.  Gene Tagaban will present both a conversation and a performance:

Ancestral Presence: Raven and Coyote together again!

A Celebration of Native American dance, song and story

This collaboration showcases the dancing styles of the Pacific Northwest and the Fancydancers of the plains. Traditional instruments of the drum, flute, and rattles set the space to invite the Spirit of Raven and Coyote to come alive through story, dance and song. We invite you, in the presence of ancestors to join us in this acknowledgment of life.  Following his performance, he will share a Native American perspective on aging, healing and the power of creative expression to enrich the quality of life for all whose lives are touched by memory loss.


In the meantime, The Artist Within continues to fascinate, incredible artwork for the murals is being created, dementia friendly workshops in art, poetry, circle dancing and improv theatre are underway and every day I am reminded that while memories may fade, creativity and joy live on.  We just need to look and listen.