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Seniors Creating Art

Seniors Creating Art

For the thousands who see it, The Artist Within is a revelation—a powerful reminder that people who live with memory loss and dementia are Still Here—living with dignity, creativity and joy.

The art just grabs you and doesn’t let go.

So this year we are embarking a new public art project – Murals.   Dynamic artwork that reflects the diversity of our city, geographically and culturally, and vividly illuminates the vitality and creativity of people who are living with memory loss.

We couldn’t do this without the guidance of an extraordinary organization in Seattle – Seniors Creating Art.  Led by Raeanne McAlister and co-founder Marche Goldwire, Seniors Creating Art is coordinating art workshops with 17 community Senior and Community Centers to create the art and then digitalize the artwork to create 4’x4’ murals which will be seen all over Seattle.

Seniors Creating Art is a wonderful organization.  Its mission—Inspiring hope and purpose in seniors by providing access to create art through free art classes to senior citizens.

To learn more about his invaluable program, visit