What is it about the art?

Yellow Daisies by Jane Kippenhan

It amazing how powerful the art is.  First it’s extraordinary.  Truly captivating interpretations of everyday objects that entrance the mind and the heart. Second, the demand to see it never wavers.

The Artist Within will take its second breath in 2017.  First at the UW School of Social Work; Second at Mirabella Seattle and third at the Washington state Convention Center. After which I have promised that the artists and their families will finally be able to take their lovely paintings home.  This despite more inquiries but we’ll see…

Already demand is building for our new art project –This time murals reflecting the diversity of our city, geographically and culturally, and the vitality and creativity of people who are living with memory loss.

This is planned as a public art project with displays from August – December of 2017.  We’re inviting seniors, people living with memory loss and their companions at senior centers, senior living facilities and community centers to create two-dimensional artwork, paintings or collage.  These will then be assembled by Seniors Creating Art into 4’ x 4’ murals.  Look for them at Mirabella Seattle, the Phinney Neighborhood Association Gallery and the Pacific Science Center. And there are more requests every day.

What is it about the art?

Take a look.

Untitled by Jane Kippenhan
Untitled by Jane Kippenhan
Orange Lilies by Jane Kippenhan
Orange Lilies by Jane Kippenhan