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Silent Night

Mom loved to play the piano.  And she taught each of us to play.  Well, she tried.  She succeeded with my elder sister Jeanne but the rest of us – not so much.  with each one of us, the lessons became shorter and shorter until she had to admit defeat.

But she did love to play and that continued throughout her life.  In Supported Living at Horizon House I was always fascinated with how her muscle memory allowed her to launch into her favorites.

Over the years I have told people about Mom’s special medley on the piano – Silent Night morphing into Polly Waddle Doodle All Day.  I loved to hear her play it – the break to Polly Waddle never varied but she was always adding special flourishes.

This is the last time I heard her play it.   Here she is – close to 96 – and still finding joy in music.

Pretty adorable.