dadMom and dad were friends for 75 years.  They met when they were fourteen. Fresh out of White Bluffs (now Hanford) she walked into Yakima High School, more than a little apprehensive about a new school in the big city, when a cute blond haired boy quietly said, “Hello.”  It was love at first site.  They were fast friends till college.  She went to UW; he went to Washington State but they remained close and married in 1942.  Married for 66 years, they adored one another. They had five children and while they loved us, I think their special passion was always for each other.

I used to ask her what was the secret to a happy marriage.  “Love him dearly,” she would say, “And laugh.”

Over the years her grief calmed but he was never far from her thoughts as this painting of sand dollars shortly before her death makes clear.

We should all be so lucky.