RIP Evelyn Craft

evelyn and daughters

One of the great gifts my mother gave me resulted from my visits to her in Supported Living.  There I learned to know and love her companions and neighbors.  But it was only after Mom’s death that I began to know Evelyn Craft.  She was always a fixture at the head of the ladies table.  The Countess they called her and for good reason.  Stately and dignified, she was also 103 years old.   And she had all her marbles.  More than that, she was one of the loveliest women I have ever known.  And as our friendship grew she transformed me.

She insisted that I take an effort with my appearance.  “A woman should never be seen without make-up and earrings and lipstick.”   She would look at me fondly and suggest that I wear blush…”maybe do a little more with your hair.”   So I did – always making an effort to look good for Evelyn.   I liked it and so did she.

“You used to be a plain Jane,” she would say as she looked at me approvingly.

We played a game.  I would show people the photo I took of her with her two daughters and ask people to guess how old she was.  The guess was invariably 80.  I would tell this to Evelyn.  “Really?” she would smile coyly – quite pleased.

A lovely and charming woman, she passed away this week at the age of 104.

Rest in Peace dear Evelyn.  May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.