We’re Still Here – Building a Narrative of Hope

20140417142345_00001In the winter of 2016 we presented The Artist Within, a pioneering exhibit of artwork by people living with dementia.

For the more than 30,000 people who experienced it, The Artist Within was a revelation, a stark contrast to the usual grim story about Alzheimer’s.  Its power to transform people’s thinking about dementia and the people who live with it was profound—decreasing stigma, building hope, providing opportunities for engagement and equally important—creating joy and pride for the artists and their families.

But we can do more.

In 2017, in concert with our community partners, we will launch We’re Still Here, a city wide program to advance a public narrative of hope.  Through a 16 month program of free exhibitions and multi-generational creative arts programs framed by a comprehensive PR & community-based outreach plan, we will:

  • Illuminate the simple truth that people who live with dementia are still here, living with dignity, creativity and joy
  • Expand access to creative arts programs to underserved communities
  • Shine a spotlight on the myriad programs and organizations that are making life easier and better for people living with dementia, their care partners and families
  • Serve as a catalyst for knowledge, engagement and creative thinking—exploring how we can build a dementia friendly community, in which people with dementia have a future, remain in their homes and participate in the lives of their communities

It’s a big, big project.  Stay tuned.