Recently my friend Evelyn, bored to tears at the age of 104, announced that she was getting ready to die.  Her daughters arrived, old friends came to visit and a vigil of sorts began.  To everyone’s surprise, she rallied.  As I visited one day I told her, “Evelyn if you keep on living, I’m going to have to bake you more cookies.”

Now for her birthday last November, I had baked her lots of cookies.  Not just ordinary cookies but wonderful creations involving extensive amounts of butter, nuts, sugar and chocolate.  She ate every one of them.

evelyn and c ake

cookies 1

So I delivered another small assortment and—lo and behold —she gained strength.  Now I’m not suggesting that they have miraculous powers but they do seem to increase the will to live.

So now I am getting requests from others in supported living.  Yesterday I delivered some to Ruby with plenty to share.

Stay tuned.