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Mom’s Christmas paintings

2014.12.16 paintingMom always denied that she would or could paint. With the paintbrush – mid brush – she would look at you quite seriously and say, “I don’t do this.”

Yet for all her protestations that she would not nor could not paint pictures, she clearly contributed something wonderful to the gene pool.  Her daughter Jeanne is an artist and granddaughter Anna Hostvedt, an accomplished artist living in New York.

In January (the 13th) two neuroscientists, Marcus Raichle MD and Thomas Grabowski MD, will walk through the exhibition to share their perspectives on the art and what it may tell us. Quite sensibly, they asked that an artist accompany them. Anna has agreed to stay and join them and we ask you to join us. January, 13th, noon – City Hall Lobby Gallery, 600 4th Ave.

Above is Mom’s last Christmas painting.

Below is one of her first. The model was a red poinsettia in a red vase. That is when I decided to begin documenting what they were painting.

2011 Dec red poinsettias in red vase