2015.6.23 JaneI arrived today at Supported Living just in time to sing Happy Birthday to Jean in celebration of her 97th birthday. I sat next to Ruby and had a piece of red velvet cake. But Evelyn was missing.

Where’s Evelyn?

She’s not well. Says she’s too old and when you start saying that, it’s not a good sign. I’m afraid she is nearing the end.

Can I visit her?

Just pop your head in and see if she’s awake.

So I did…to find her sitting in her chair, finishing a bowl of soup.

Are you not feeling well?

No, I think this is the end. I think I’m getting ready to go.

In all the years I visited Mom, I never cried but with Evelyn I struggled to hide tears.

Well, Evelyn, in that case, I have a surprise. Have you ever had a facial?

Never. [Not in 103 years]

So we settled on a date next week. And then we talked, holding hands and expressing our astonishment that in all the years I had been visiting Mom, she and I had never gotten to know each other and how thankful we were that—at last—we had become friends.

I’m going to finish this soup even if it gets cold. You must bring me photographs of your life—where you live—how you live. I promised.

I hope you like your facial. It will make you look at least 5 years younger. And you know—you might like it so much that you will stick around for another.

Oh, all right, I’ll come back.


And then I looked at the paintings from last week – all absolutely wonderful paintings of an orange lily.

2015.6.23 D

2015.6.23 E

2015.6.23 Sue



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