And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

motorcycleMy wonderful mother Jean passed away Sunday night.

Last Wednesday, her blood sugar levels rose to alarming heights. We rushed her to the emergency room and anticipated that she would soon return to her perky self. But there was a complication – extreme pain in her abdomen pointed to serious problems with her colon. The doctors ruled out surgery – she would likely not have survived nor would it have restored her to any quality of life. In keeping with her wishes on the subject, my siblings and I made the decision to withdraw treatment – keeping her hydrated and pain free. After four days – a fighter to the last – she slipped away Sunday night.

She was a force of nature, adored by her husband of 66 years, by her five children (none of us able to remember ever being mad at her,) by her sister Louise and by a host of grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews. As her dementia gained in strength, she was distilled to her essence – happy, positive, generous, loving and kind.

She made the world a better place.

But the stories will continue as will the art. Mom’s comrades in supported living paint every week and I love them all…plus they expect me to show up to give them neck massages.

Here’s a story about Mom.

On Monday, I was sitting with Ruby and Evelyn (104), her delightful neighbors, listening to them reminisce about Mom.

Ruby held up a small artificial flower and said, “I’ll think of Jean every time I see this. You want to know why?”

Me – “Why?”

Ruby – “Because she tried to eat it!”

Here is the model from last week and their interpretations. Enjoy.

2015.4.7 model2015.4.7 Dorothy

2015.4.7 Gloria

2015.4.7 Phyllis

2015.4.7 Sue



3 thoughts on “And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”

  1. I am sorry for your loss. I have followed your story as we are walking a similar path with my mom. Thank you for this gift.


  2. Please accept my condolences. May you find much comfort from all the ways your mother will still be with you.Thank you for writing about her experiences and yours. A dear friend of mine has Alzheimer’s.


  3. Hi Marilyn, I just thought of you and your mom this morning and came to check in. I’m sad to hear that she has passed. What a grand lady, and you have honored her so well. Thank you for your message to the world about Alzheimer’s. — Tammy


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