Broadening the Circle

The circle of painters in Mom’s class gets bigger every week and some of the art is as staggering to me as Mom’s was when she began painting six years ago. And like Mom’s work, they need to be seen. They so powerfully counter the narrative of loss and sorrow so prevalent in the media.

To that happy end, I’m developing an art exhibit that will do just that. Change the Way We Think about Alzheimer’s—One Painting at a Time

Our goals:
To tell a different story about Alzheimer’s and dementia—illuminating the simple truth that those with AD are Still Here—living lives of dignity, creativity and joy.
To generate awareness and support for the many programs that are making Seattle a Dementia Friendly City

Every week I’m going to share one of these wonderful paintings. The first is by Sue. The model—bubbles.

2015.1.13 painting sueEnjoy


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