2013.11.12 paintingMom was a bit faded today. But she compensated for her loss of energy and cognition—perhaps triggered by the stress of attending a family gathering away from the familiar surroundings of Assisted Living—with her glorious spirit. We laughed and sang and had a wonderful time.

As I left I received two more gifts. Phyllis was standing int he hallway and I gave her a hug. To my delight, she put her arm around me and hugged me back…and wouldn’t let go. Next I saw Flora. “Ciao, Bellissima!” I sang and gave her a hug and a kiss. “I would like to kiss you,” she said. “I would be honored,” I replied. And I was.

What wonderful women. All of them sweet and loving. They may be faded but if you are patient and present, you will find that they still have gifts to bestow.

Happy New Year everyone. From Mom and me.

The model for the painting—a pink poinsettia.poinsettia


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