Painting with Mom

2014.12.2 paintingLast week, I joined Mom’s art class, mainly to prevent her from drinking the paint. I began by giving each of the ladies a gentle neck massage, eliciting groans of ecstasy. As I went around the table, I began singing “Heaven, I’m in Heaven” and they all joined in. Pretty wonderful.

The model on the table was bare winter branches on a blue cloth. I actually think Mom’s painting is more interesting than mine, but then Mom paints without editing and I am all too aware of what I am doing.

I showed her the painting today and I think she agreed with me. She liked hers and totally ignored mine.

2014.12.2 painting mr


2 thoughts on “Painting with Mom”

  1. When my dad was severely diminished with Alzheimer’s disease, I always had art supplies on hand so that he could express himself in that manner. One day, I put three bell peppers on the table – one yellow, one red and one green. I drew along with him. We had crayons, water color paints, charcoal, colored pencils and CrayPas. When we were done, I had drawn three peppers – but my father had made ART! I know EXACTLY of what you speak. Love and light to you and your beautiful, talented, wonderful mom!


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