2013.4.30.2For some reason I keep running into people who have a very dark view of life. It’s not prompted by the news—that I could understand. No, this seems to be a deeply imbedded commitment to seeing only the shortcomings of life. And it’s exhausting to be around.

That’s why it’s such a relief to visit Mom. Her short term memory may be about one second but she is the sunniest person I know. She greets you with a smile and a song. She tells you that you’re beautiful. Show her anything and she says, “Isn’t this terrific!” She is heaps praise on everyone and everything—though oblivious to praise herself. (Oh, those dour Scots.)

As her kid sister Louise (93) says, “There is a lot to be said for losing your mind. Your mother really is the happiest person I know.”

It’s true.

This is a picture she keeps in her room. Mom and Dad—looking happy and gorgeous—on their wedding day, October 3, 1942. On the back she has written, “We were just married!”

We were JUST married!
We were JUST married!


Model for painting
Model for painting

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