“I always miss you when you’re gone.”

mom on 4th of july 2012“I always miss you when you’re gone.”

Mom said this to me today when I was leaving and I nearly melted. I know that it is unlikely—given that she has a short term memory of about 2 seconds—but Oh, what a lovely, lovely thing to hear her say.

The second great quote of the week was provided by Kitty after she saw Mom’s art.
“If you believe art is a medium for communication, it appears this woman has more than a few things to say to us. Maybe it will help us all realize and understand that the human spirit is very much alive in these folks.”

Yes, yes, yes!

DSC08250To that happy end, I have just launched a new crowdfunding campaign—The Art of Alzheimer’s: Changing the Way We Think about Alzheimer’s—One Painting at a Time.

My premise: Alzheimer’s is Scary—Art Isn’t

My goal:
1. To showcase the art by Mom and others with AD to spread the word far and wide that those with the disease are still here—living lives of value, creativity and joy.
2. To print and market a series of note cards and calendars with net proceeds to support the valuable arts programs that are enriching the lives of everyone living with Alzheimer’s—patients, family, caregivers and the public at large.

To see the campaign, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-art-of-alzheimer-s/x/4601802


If you are a caregiver and need support, advice and ideas, please, please check out Relink: Twenty Tips for Caregivers – Looking After Someone with Alzheimer’s at home.

It provides the tools to equip Alzheimer’s patients with life altering assistance and incredibly valuable tips to help you peacefully look after the person you love and who lives with Alzheimer’s disease.


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