mom skiingMother LOVES to ski. One reason she is in such good shape—with truly fabulous legs—is that she began skiing before there were rope tows. As often as possible, she would spend her days at Snoqualmie, hiking up the slopes and skiing down for hours. Here is a photo of Mom in 1938, age 18. Written on the back: “My great Joy.”

And say what one will about the diminished capacity of those with Alzheimer’s, Mom is quite sensible. Today she was her usual playful self. Then a word of advice—“If you are always nice to one person, you should be nice to yourself.” Eminently sensible.

This week’s painting marks a return to bold, saturated colors.
2014.9.30 painting
2014.9.30 model

There is still time to join Mom’s Kickstarter campaign—Changing the way we think about Alzheimer’—One Month at a Time.

“There is whimsy and almost impish joy in your mom’s painting.”
“Your Mom’s calendar inspires me every day.

Fabulous art and the inspiring story of my mother Jean—still here, living a life of creativity, purpose and joy.


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