Seeing Mom again

Finally – visitors have been given the all clear after the Norovirus wreaked havoc in Assisted Living.  I saw Mom in the hallway and she greeted me with her usual grace and charm.  She doesn’t know exactly who I am but she knows she knows me.   I always tell her who I am.

2014.1.14 painting “Hi Mom.  It’s your darling daughter Marilyn,” I say.

She grins and answers, “Well hello Sir.”

We march around the perimeter and see her neighbor Phyllis – who loves to hug.  I give Phyllis a big hug as she coos and smiles. Mom walks over and hugs us both.

There we were – the three of us – swaying and hugging and laughing.

This is her painting of a flower bulb from Jan 14 – beautiful!

2014.1.14 model


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