Missing Mom

Mom (on the left) and Louise

The Norovirus is moving through Assisted Living which means no visitors.  I haven’t seen Mom for over a week and I miss her.

There are some who think that this gives me a welcome rest but – not so.  Visiting Mom is so much a part of me that her absence hurts and I find myself waiting impatiently for the ban to lift.

In the meantime, this is a photo taken this Christmas of Mom and her sister Louise looking at a notebook of their mother’s drawings – dating from 1904.  Interesting that, despite all the protestations by Mom’s Scottish family that art was a frivolous waste of time, Grandma, as a young girl growing up in Montana, had a feeling for art.  When she and Grandpa were married in 1915, these two city kids were sent off to White Bluffs (now Hanford nuclear site) to become farmers and to manage the family’s business interests.  It was a hard, hard life with no place in it for art.

Perhaps it has been lying dormant all these years.


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