Serenely unkempt were those final years, free from conflict, doubt or dismay, while she reverted gently to a rustic simplicity as a moss-rose reverts to a wild one.

Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee

2014.1.7 paintingPeople so often have a one dimensional view of those with AD.  Empty shells or shadows of a former self – but Mom is quite complex.

True, she is muted, softened.

True, she has a short-term memory of about 2 seconds,

And yes, she is less interested and involved in life outside the familiar walls of Assisted Living.

But her essential nature seems intact.  She is generous, helpful, funny, friendly, witty, self-deprecating, curious, gregarious, competitive and loving.

Some things are even intensified – her Scottish industriousness – her drive to be of use – to contribute to the life of her community and, on occasion, her stubbornness.

Her painting class is a case in point.  I have to take her there just as the class begins; if she has to sit there, inactive, waiting for the class to begin, she gets fidgety and quite often walks away, protesting that this isn’t something she “does.”

But then, a moment later, she will return, eager to join the group.  More often than not, she paints something wonderful.

Last week they put a bubble machine on the table and this is Mom’s interpretation…



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