A Theory

JRwatercolors_Page_03I went to see Mom for Tuesday’s painting class to find another lock down.  An errant cold virus was stalking the halls.  Mom’s voice was husky and the nurses were monitoring her.

Mom, one of the few people in assisted living who can stroll around with her hands in her pockets, is incredibly healthy.  Her mantra – don’t drink, don’t smoke and accentuate the positive.

For years, my sisters and I have been insisting that Mom will never die.  There is some empirical evidence to support this.  Since the 1850’s, people in her family have been living to their mid to late nineties.  They tend to announce when they are going to die and then, right on schedule,  they die.

My theory – Mother is going to forget to tell herself to die.

“You may have something there,” says her cousin Frank, now 93.

And the cold?  Mom is fine.  I’m the one who caught the cold.


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