mom at 16We have some astonishing home movies of Mom’s family dating from the 1930’s.  Mom, her sister Louise and cousin Frank – all in their late teens – all so gorgeous.   Mom in a bathing suit, standing on  her head; Frank – seemingly always in a sweater vest and tie, boating and  golfing with Mom’s brother and uncles; Louise swimming and looking incredibly lovely and happy.

I took my computer over to Horizon House last week to play the DVD for the three of them.

I was so hoping Mom would enjoy the films as much as Louise and Frank but she quickly became bored.  “I’ve already done that,” she impatiently fidgeted.

So, remembering this isn’t about me, I took her back to her room – better for her and far more enjoyable for Louise and Frank.

But still…Maybe someday…on a big screen, she might find them interesting.

In the meantime, I certainly do.


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