2013.1.15 painting (2)

The Art of Alzheimer’s 2014 Calendar

How Mom Forgot Nearly Everything and Began to Paint


How you can help:

First, consider making a pledge.  The art is not only fascinating; I think it will help change how we think about Alzheimer’s…one month at a time.     (Plus the rewards are cool.)

Even if you can’t contribute, please help spread the word to anyone and everyone you can by sharing the link to this Kickstarter page. You can also monitor our progress on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheArtOfAlzheimers/.


When I tell Mom that people like her art, her reaction is one of astonishment—first at the idea that she paints and second at the idea that anyone would like it.   When I tell her that people actually want to buy her work, her reaction is immediate.  “They’re crazy!”   But Mom is of a family and a generation for whom being of service is a cardinal virtue.  If she knew her art was making a contribution to the greater good, she would be so pleased.




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