Is the world ready for an upbeat story about Alzheimer’s?

JRwatercolors_Page_11Many of you have asked if Mother’s art is available for sale.  Not quite but soon.  To that happy end, in the next week I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for The Art of Alzheimer’s 2014 Calendar—custom designed, big and gorgeous—featuring 12 of her paintings plus a picture of the subject she was asked to paint.  It’s fascinating to see how she transforms them.

I’ll be sending you a link to the campaign and encourage you to send it to anyone and everyone whom you think will be captivated by Mom’s art and her story.

The goal of $9,700 will be used for custom design, production/printing and shipping of the calendars and fulfillment of all Kickstarter fees and rewards, which will include the calendar as well as note cards and high quality prints.   Once we are up and running, the art be available for sale at my website and provided to The Alzheimer’s Association of Western & Central Washington State Chapter and Elderwise to amplify and advance their messages.  Down the road, I hope to expand this to Alzheimer’s Associations nationally…but first things first.

When I tell Mom that people like her art, her reaction is one of astonishment—first at the idea that she paints and second at the idea that anyone would like it.   When I tell her that people actually want to buy her work, her reaction is immediate.  “They’re crazy!”   But Mom is of a family and a generation for whom being of service is a cardinal virtue.  If she knew her art was making a contribution to the greater good, she would be so pleased

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”
Edward Hopper



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