Safe Haven

DSC08250This 4th of July, rather than fight the ferry traffic to Whidbey Island, I invited Mom and Aunt Louise to my garden.  The first hour was lovely – sitting in the yard, sipping ice tea, admiring the flowers.   Soon however, the unfamiliar surroundings – albeit gorgeous – began to take their toll.  Disoriented, Mom became increasingly agitated.  Acceptance and seeing things from her point of view are the priority now so, after a quick dinner, we went back to Assisted Living – just in time for dinner.  Mom sat right down and had a second meal, happy to be in the company of her friends Phyllis and Kathleen, content in the safe haven of her small world.

A few days later, I visited her for our usual game of Scrabble only to hear music coming from the common room.  We walked over to investigate and found a party in progress.  Jazz combo playing, tables laden with food and Phyllis and Kathleen already seated, drinking lemonade and grooving (that’s the only way to describe it) to the music.   Mom quite happily joined in.

How very, very lucky we are that Mom lives in such a supportive community and how important it is to insure that everyone looking at long-term care has such opportunities.   My fear is not Alzheimer’s – it’s the prospect of living in a squalid snake-pit.  But that’s another story


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