Pop Goes the Weasel

Mother has become incredibly mischievous.  On our way to the painting class, we were singing Pop Goes the Weasel, which she likes to end with an enormous POP!  Then suddenly she began singing so softly I could barely hear her.  I leaned closer and closer.  She smiled invitingly, slyly.  Then came an explosive POP!   She laughed and laughed, delighted by her joke.

JRwatercolors_Page_01By the way, Mom was featured in The NY Times last week.  Empathy Without Boundaries in the New Old Age blog by Judith Graham.  http://newoldage.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/06/06/empathy-without-boundaries/

It’s amazing!  Mom is rapidly becoming the most celebrated member of our family.  Of course, she has always been that to us.  Now the world is catching up.


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