Painting 1
Painting 1

2013.3.12 paintingFor someone who professes to have no interest in painting, Mom has recently become incredibly prolific. Over the past three weeks, a new pattern has emerged:  she quickly dashes off a painting and then leaves the room.  After a few minutes, she returns to paint again.  Last week, the model on the table was a bowl of daffodils on a blue cloth.  The first painting focuses on the shape of the flowers and the second seems more about pure color.

Equally interesting, she has actually expressed some opinions about the paintings – as opposed to her usual dismissal – and if I ask her immediately after her having painted.  She loses all interest within minutes.  In each case, she has preferred the second one, commenting on a better use of color.  She also seems to recognize – however briefly – that she painted them.  Very cool.

Here is a link to a must see video.  US sociologist Cathy Greenblat has been traveling the world studying the treatments offered to people with dementia.   It’s absolutely fabulous and reminds us again how touch, laughter, smiles, art and song keep us connected and fulfilled.  Enjoy.





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